Fire Board

Board of Directors Elected

An election was scheduled for May 5, 2020 for three seats on the Falcon Fire Protection District Board of Directors. Since there were only three applications received, no election was held. Two were incumbent directors.


Thomas Kerby – Board President –

Director Kerby was elected for a 4-year term in May of 2014. He was sworn in for a second 4-year term on May 16, 2018, having been one of only two candidates nominated to fill board positions up for election. He currently serves as the Board's Vice President. He stated as a board member he would like to give back to the community and bring that sense of community back to the fire department. He said his civil engineering degree and knowledge about infrastructure, roads, water mains and water delivery systems, among other things, will help him serve on the board.

“I’m a manager,” he said. “The board needs to operate as a managerial-type position. We want to enable Chief Harwig to run the department because he’s the professional. The board needs to look at the bigger picture and help him achieve the desired needs of the community.”

Director Kerby works as the chief main engineer for Meridian Ranch but has lived in Falcon Hills since 2000 with his wife of 20+ years and their four children. 

He said he has been driving through the northern portions of the FFPD’s coverage area for years and still sees many places where fire mitigation hasn’t been done. “Educating people on those different methods and means of getting that (mitigation) done is really important,” Director Kerby said. 

“One person isn’t going to make a difference. Everybody has to operate as a team, from the community to the first responders to the fire chief to the board.”


Joan Hathcock – Board Vice President – 

Director Hathcock was sworn in for a full 4-year term on May 18, 2016. She was sworn in for a second  term on May 12th, 2020 and currently serves as the Board's Vice President. She is a 51-year resident of El Paso County. She has served on boards including the Colorado State High School Rodeo Association (two years) and the National High School Rodeo Association (four years). Director Hathcock has also served on the El Paso County Planning Commission, the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association Political Action Committee and the HBA board.

Director Hathcock has run an electrical company, D & J Quality Electric, for 34 years. Previously, she spent 15 years as a general contractor specializing in building custom homes. 

When asked why she wants to be on the FFPD Board, Director Hathcock said, “Because I want to give back to the community, and make the fire district the best it can be. I want to make the community aware of mitigation and make it better for the firefighters.” Having been on “some kind of board” for the past 25 years, she said, “I’m not the kind to sit on the sidelines and complain. I like to get involved.”


Cory A. Galicia – Treasurer –

Director Galicia was elected for a 4-year term in May of 2014. He was sworn in for a second 4-year term on May 16, 2018, having been one of only two candidates nominated to fill board positions up for election. He currently serves as the Board's Treasurer. He spent 16 years working for the FFPD as a firefighter, first as a volunteer and then climbing the ladder to career battalion chief. He is in the construction business today but said he feels it’s important to help the fire department get back on track with the community and to get the community back on track with the department.

“My main goal is to bring the community back into the fire house,” Director Galicia said. “It’s been kind of separate over the last few years. “

During his time with the FFPD, Director Galicia helped develop the Explorer program for youth interested in firefighting and the emergency medical services program. He has lived in the Falcon community for 27 years and attended Falcon High School, where he met his wife.

Director Galicia said his involvement with the FFPD has given him insight into the department that would be beneficial to the board. “I know the department inside and out, and I’ve been involved in positive changes and growth within the department,” he said. “I would be a positive influence on the other board members and my knowledge of the direction the fire chief is trying to take the department would be a big help.”


Mike Collins – Board Secretary – Director Collins was sworn in for a full 4-year term on May 18, 2016. He was sworn in for a second  on May 6th, 2020 and currently serves as the Board's Secretary. Previously, Collins was elected to the board in 2004 and served for eight years. He served as Board President during the last two years of his term. Collins served as the Senior Department Chaplain, for Falcon for 10 years and is currently advisor to the Chaplain Division. He currently serves as Vice President with the Colorado Fire Chaplains Association.

Collins has been involved in the fire service for more than 45 years, and served as a Falcon Fire Department volunteer for 15 years. He and his late wife, Carol, have seven children, 21 grandchildren with number 22 on the way and 12 great-grandchildren. Collins and his wife owned Clean Scene Crime Clean-Up, a bio-hazard remediation company for over 20 years and retired in 2019. Collins is still licensed as a Nurse and Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Director Collins said, “I believe in this department and its leadership, friendship, sense of family, and look forward to helping it continue its path as one of the premier fire departments in southern Colorado. We have  some of the finest Fire Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics available and they are truly dedicated to serving the residents of Falcon and surrounding areas".


Ray Hawkins – Board Assistant Secretary –

Director Hawkins was sworn in for a full term on May 13, 2020 and servies as the Board's Assistant Secretary. 

Hawkins has lived in the Falcon area since 2000 with his wife and two children. I remember taking the kids to station 3 for Easter egg hunts and pancake breakfasts. There were maybe 200 kids that attended 20 years ago. The demographics of the Falcon area have changed with growth and the Falcon Fire Department continues to provide excellent protection and service.  

Director Hawkins works as Director of Underwriting for Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Hawkins is looking forward to serving the community and the Fire Department in support of the motto, Prepare, Prevent, and Protect.  




 Board Member Bylaws