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The information in this section is a wide variety of resources available through the Falcon Fire Department and other organizations in El Paso County.  Here you can reserve a meeting room at one of the fire stations, learn about classes available from the Department, schedule a fire station tour, and learn where to go for a free blood pressure check.

That’s just the beginning.  Explore this section to learn more.


Fire/Evacuation Drills
The Falcon Fire Department helps companies and organizations that wish to create a building evacuation plan or to conduct a fire drill. FFD will meet with representatives to help establish a plan, provide advice on the most effective means of evacuation, or actually stand by during a staged fire drill. To schedule the Fire/Evacuation Drills, contact the FFD Public Education at (719) 495-4050.

Fire Safety House
The Fire Safety House is a mobile replica of a residential dwelling built on a trailer and transported to schools and community events. It is staffed by two firefighters who make fire safety presentations on each level of the house that culminates in an actual home evacuation drill. The Fire Safety House can be reserved at least a month in advance for major events. It is most appropriate for elementary school aged children. For set up it requires a fairly level and accessible area at least 40 x 20 feet in size. To schedule the Fire Safety House, contact the FFD Public Education at (719) 495-4050.

Fire Truck Appearances
The Falcon Fire Department will send a fire apparatus to public events such as parades or festivals upon request, as availability allows. Please provide at least two weeks advance notice so that an apparatus can be scheduled. FFD does not send fire trucks to individual residences. Firefighters can explain features of the apparatus, talk about the job of firefighting, and provide safety information. They generally have stickers available for children and fire safety pamphlets for adults who request them. To schedule an apparatus, contact the FFD Public Education at (719) 495-4050.

Safety Presentations
Firefighters can do a presentation on fire safety, a career in firefighting, or a related topic at the request of the group through the FFD Public Education Department. To arrange a FFD member to visit a group function, simply contact the FFD Public Education Office by calling (719) 495-4050. A minimum group size of 25 is required. It is recommended that speakers be requested at least two weeks before the event. This is a free service of the Falcon Fire Department.

Upon request, FFD also will participate in local health fairs or expositions with an exhibition booth. A firefighter will staff the booth, which features a static display highlighting FFD actions and fire and life safety, and be available to answer questions.

For information on fire and life safety presentations to Falcon area schools including day care facilities, see School Visits.

School Presentations
Firefighters visit schools within the Falcon service area to deliver a message on fire and life safety; the presentations are divided into two separate formats targeted at specific age groups. All age groups are taught the dangers of playing with fire, what to do in case of a fire, and the importance of smoke alarms. Early childhood, kindergarten and second-grade classes are taught fire safety and tour an actual fire truck. First- and third-graders visit the Fire Safety House, a mobile replica of a residential family dwelling built on a trailer and transported to schools and community events, where they complete an actual home evacuation drill. Fourth- and fifth-graders receive messages that reinforce proper fire safety techniques, and introduces students to first aid, cooking safety and arson awareness.

Firefighters also will schedule visits to local day care facilities upon request. They share basic fire safety information with children and show them the fire engine and what a firefighter looks like in bunker (firefighting) gear. The presentation focuses on teaching children that firefighters are their friends, not to play with matches and lighters, and how to safely exit the home in case of fire.

To schedule a presentation, call the FFD Public Education (719) 495-4050.

Station Visits
FFD will accommodate visits to fire stations for small groups. Although no minimum number of visitors is required, this service is provided most often to scout troops and school groups. Normal hours for station visits are 9-11 a.m. and 1-6 p.m. Visitors are provided with a station tour, then can view the fire apparatus and ask firefighters questions about their job, fire safety, the station and the Falcon Fire Department. To arrange a station tour, contact the FFD Public Education at (719) 495-4050 to schedule at least a week in advance.

Juvenile FireSetters

The unsupervised, experimental, mischievous or illegal use of fire by children in the United States is a major threat to personal safety and property.  The Falcon Fire Department offers an educational program for the juvenile firesetter. This program is made up of two components including a risk assessment and an educational class.  For more information about the JFS program click here - Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention

Public Meeting Rooms Available

The Falcon Fire Department makes availalbe 2 locations to accomidate non-profit community focused meeting rooms.  For more information on available times and locations click here Schedule a meeting room

Learn CPR and Basic First Aid

The Falcon Fire Department periodically offers CPR and first aid classes to our community. For class schedule and location information, call us at (719) 495-4050.

Blood Pressure Checks

The Falcon Fire Department is pleased to offer free blood pressure checks to our community.  Please stop in at Fire Station 1 located at 12072 Royal County Downs Road or Station 3 located at 7030 Old Meridian Rd. during regular business hours or click here for more informaiton.  Blood Pressure Checks 

Fire Station Tours

We at the Falcon Fire Department enjoy opening the Fire House for tours to local school, church, and community groups as well as scouting organizations. Our tours include many fire and safe living messages.  If you are interested in scheduling a tour or for more information please contact us at  (719) 495-4050.

Citizen Response Team (CERT)

As of 2006 there are over 575,000 citizens living in El Paso County. In the event of a major disaster, county law enforcement, fire services and emergency services resources would be stretched beyond their capabilities.

The President has asked all counties in the United States to create a program that will support law enforcement, fire services and other emergency service personnel, and help citizens to be self-sufficient during the first critical 72 hours immediately following any type of disaster, whether natural or human-caused.

As a county, we want to be prepared to face any situation that might affect our way of life. The blizzards of the 2006/2007 holiday season, floods of 1999, the Ellicott Tornado in 2001, the Hayman Fire and events of September 11th demonstrate how important it is for us to prepare to take care of ourselves, our family and neighbors.

Sheriff Terry Maketa has directed the Emergency Services Division to design and implement the CERT Program (link to CERT schedule etc) to accomplish the goal of enhancing the safety of all El Paso County citizens.

We will provide CERT classes upon request for groups, organizations and businesses. We recommend no less than 15 students per class. For more information please call the Emergency Services Division at (719) 575-8400 or click here - El Paso County Community Emergency Response Team

"RACES" (Amateur Radio)

Administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States government, is part of the Amateur Radio Service that provides communication for civil-preparedness purposes only, during periods of local, regional or national civil emergencies. These emergencies are not limited to war-related activities, but can include natural disasters such as fires, floods and tornadoes.

Amateurs operating in a local RACES organization must be officially enrolled in a civil preparedness group. RACES operation is conducted by amateur radio operators using their own primary station licenses and by preexisting RACES stations. Operator privileges are dependent upon, and identical to those for the class of license held in the Amateur Radio Service.

In El Paso County RACES is integrated into the County Emergency Plan and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Their services are available to any local area governmental agency that requests it through the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center.

RACES volunteers receive training in a variety of topics, which make the ideal for service with governmental agencies. In addition to serving with the Office of Emergency Management, they also work very closely with El Paso County Search & Rescue, Wildland Fire Crews, Civil Air Patrol and others. For more information click here - El Paso County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

CellULAR Phone Emergency Notification System

The El Paso-Teller E-911 Authority can contact you via cell phone with our Cell Phone Emergency Notification System. Simply register your information below, and your cell phone number will be added to our registration database.

The Emergency Notification System will call your registered phone number when a significant event occurs in the area of your registered address. If you have Caller ID on the number being called, the notification will display as "911 EVENT". The recorded message will begin with “THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM 911.”

Click here for more information Early Warning 911

No one knew you were pregnant. Now you have a baby!  What are you going to do?  

Call 1-888-510-2229 or click here for more information Colorado Safe Haven 


NEED ASSISTANCE? How can 2-1-1 help you?

Do you need assistance paying rent/mortgage, utilities or medical/prescription costs? Do you need food, clothing, housing/shelter, senior services or family support? Are you looking for information about community health and human services?

Pikes Peak United Way 2-1-1 partners with community non-profit agencies serving El Paso, Teller, Chaffee, Cheyenne, Lincoln and Park counties to help you find the help and services you need.

Simply dial 2-1-1 or 719.955.0742 or click here for more informaiton Pikes Peak United Way 211